Saturday, February 9

Wedding Pictures

More pictures of my December 1st wedding...

My mother and I before the ceremony.
 The handsome groomsmen. My two nephews are in front along with my lil cousin the Ring Bearer, he stole the show!
 My Goddaughter and Cousin. I found a shop on Etsy, Songs from the Garden, and she did my bridal flowers, boutonnieres, flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow. I loved working with her and they turned out wonderful! 
My sister and I. She hated the orange dress, but oh well, it wasn't her wedding! I put a picture of my late father on my bouquet. I got that idea off of Pinterest!
The bridesmaids. My two Goddaughters are in the front on the left and my new niece is on the right.
 The entire bridal party. I always wanted to pair some "color" with gray for my wedding. I wanted pink but my husband to be wasn't thrilled with that, but orange is another favorite color of mine so we went with that and everyone loved it!
 One of my best friends got us an antique car for the wedding. It was a nice touch.

Gotta love Virginia weather... December 1st... 65 degrees!
 A parent at my school, Cakes by Gabrielle, made our wedding cake. It was carrot cake with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Very tasty!
 Our first dance. You can't tell here, but I had a fever and apparently bronchitis that wasn't diagnosed until winter break! Teachers... we just keep going and going and going.

Mustered up enough energy to smile one last time at the reception. I really just wanted to take some Nyquil and go to sleep. I also gotta give a shout out to my hair stylist and make up artist Karen Wilson. If you're familiar at all with black hair you know that many black women straighten their hair but two years ago I made the decision to wear my hair in it's natural state... kinky curly, and Karen makes look fabulous every time I see her!

Tuesday, January 29

Valentine Book Reports

Stop by The Teaching Oasis and download these Valentine Themed Genre Book Reports!

Sunday, January 27

Graphic Organizers

I found a set of graphic organizers I had tweaked, tweaked them some more and decided to post them on my blog. They'll eventually be on The Teaching Oasis. They're centered around the 8 reading strategies I'm required to teach by my school district.

Do you think you will use these to have students respond to their reading?

Saturday, January 26

Odds and Ends

A couple of weeks ago my laptop died right after I had finished uploading the free materials to The Teaching Oasis. I was worried that I had lost all my files... and no, I hadn't backed them up so I was super nervous. I mean I had most of them on my school laptop but personal documents and pictures were only located on my personal computer. My gracious sister offered to buy me a new laptop (she had a Dell line of credit) so I accepted the offer. After almost paying Geek Squad to tell me if my files could be recovered I did some searching on the net. And low and behold... I found out that I could get a screwdriver and take my hard drive out of my dead laptop. Go to Best Buy and spend $30 on a case to make it an external hard drive. After my new laptop arrived, I hooked up my old hard drive and ALL my files were there. Fonts, Desktop, My Documents, Pictures... everything! I was so happy!

So it snowed here in central Virginia yesterday and the roads are clear but I have no good reason to be out there in that slush so I'm spending a quiet day at home playing with my new laptop. I even created something today, a Peer Writing Checklist.

I took a snapshot of the document with Microsoft Word and loaded on Google Docs (I've never used that before) to see if this will work. Let me know what you think and if you think you can use this in your Writing Workshop.


Then I created a Conversation Heart Math Activity for my students.
Would love feedback... do you think you'd use the Writing Checklist in your classroom?

Sunday, January 13

The Teaching Oasis

There has been some MAJOR changes to The Teaching Oasis... all resources are now FREE! This site will be strictly run on donations from supporters like you. So if you find something useful, please consider making a donation to help keep the website live. *Subject areas have been uploaded, monthly ideas will be complete in the next 48 hours.*

So stop by and download some items today!