Wednesday, December 28

Reading Marathon

This is another idea taken from a 4th grade teacher at my previous school and I love it! It's called a "Reading Marathon" and the students love it!

Materials: (for each child)
-white paper, folded into 6 sections- plain printer paper or white construction paper will do
-leveled text
-crayons, colored pencils, pencil

Time: about 90 minutes

Pass out a book(should be the child's independent level) and a sheet of folded paper to each child. Students may use books that they are currently reading. Explain that they will be participating in a Reading Marathon. Students should  complete each section in the time alloted.

10 minutes: Section 1- Make a new cover for you book. Color the cover, be sure to include the title and author.

10 minutes: students reading silently.

10 minutes: Section 2- Write three important details about your favorite character. Draw and color a picture of the character.

10 minutes: students reading silently

10 minutes: Section 3- Write a quick summary of the book part you just read.

10 minutes: Section 4- Draw a visualization from the book. Write a sentence explaining your visualization.

10 minutes: students reading silently

10 minutes: Section 5- Write 3 questions you've had about the book so far.

10 minutes: Section 6- Draw a picture and write a sentence about your book's setting.

I've done this a couple of times and I've been impressed with the results. I will try and figure out a "nonfiction reading marathon."