Sunday, August 28

Nobody Greater than God!

This was the scene outside my apartment today. After loading up the car and turning it on, Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchell was playing on the radio and all I could do was thank God that I weathered the storm! God is truly amazing and I'm thankful that Irene didn't cause more destruction.

I lost power about 4pm on Saturday but the worst of it still hadn't come through Central VA yet. At around 3 am 80% of residents were without power in the Richmond area. That number is steadily declining. But we will be cleaning up for weeks. Teachers in the area are suppose to report back to work tomorrow, I have yet to hear any information on that though.

I packed up my car and headed north on 95 until I reached my sister's house in Caroline County, it doesn't even look like a storm has been through here. I had to leave my apartment... didn't know if I could actually survive on Peanut Butter & Jelly and Chips and Salsa like I had planned. So I'm currently comfortable in the guest room with my laptop, air conditioning and cable. I don't have cell phone service though, but that's the least of my worries!