Wednesday, December 14

Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever made these acrylic paint glass ornaments? They are truly adorable!
1 glass ball per child
assortment of acrylic paint (Plaid from Walmart)
assortment of matching ribbon
ornament hooks

Tilt ball and pour paint into top allowing it to run to the bottom of the ball.
I have the students choose two colors and then I always add white.
So for the ornament pictured I poured in pink, white, purple, pink, white, purple, white.
Then the student covers up the opening with a paper towel and shakes it until it is completely covered in the inside. 
I turn it upside down in the tray (writing their class # next to it).
I let it drain and dry for 2-3 days.
Affix topper, tie on coordinating ribbon, wrap in tissue paper and send home!

I hope you understood all that!