Friday, July 6

My Blog Turns One!

Wednesday my blog turned one years old! So much has happened this past year... I transferred to a new school and taught a new grade level (one with standardized testing), I was diagnosed with an Ovarian Teratoma and had to have that removed and I got engaged. It's been one roller coaster of emotions!

I wish I had more time to blog more and I will try to make that a priority but I'm so busy. I'm taking a night class, working on third grade materials, trying to plan a wedding and hopefully getting my health back on track. After the teratoma I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids which is apparently very common, so now they are trying to treat those symptoms.

But enough about that... to celebrate my blog birthday I created these Reading Response Flipbooks. I think they would work for grades 2-4. Let me know what you think!

Reading Response Flipbooks