Friday, June 22

Organization: Teacher Supply Toolbox

Another Pinterest inspired idea... I got the directions from Mrs. Rojas's blog. She lays out step by step directions for making a toolbox for yourself. This one is for a teammate who I love dearly (she's always cooking me up something good!) but needs a little help with organization. I gave it to her yesterday and she was THRILLED. You buy the 22 drawer Stack-On organizers in Lowe's for about $17. I found some scrapbook paper in my collection that I thought matched the toolbox. I created the supply names in a word document using CK Retro Block. I cut out the labels and glued them to the pieces of scrapbook paper. To create your own labels you would need 14 labels that are H 1.38" x W 2.00" and 8 labels that are H 2.12" x W 4.25". Then attached the pieces of scrapbook paper to the inside of the drawer using Scotch Double Stick Tape.

I ended up going back to buy another one for myself but I bought some black spray paint that you can use on plastic. I found some cute green/pink/black scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby for my labels. When it's finished I'll be sure to post pictures. If you want more ideas you can google "teacher toolbox lowes" and look at the images. There are some real cute ones out there.

So do you think you'll make one for yourself?